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Geomarine Engineer Consultancy S.A.S., company structured in its integral service of scientific, technological and academic consultancy in environmental, social, industrial safety management ...

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How Important is Social Management for us

SOCIAL MANAGEMENT - Region of Ungí, in Chocó. The month of January of this year, we moved to the Region of Ungía, in Chocó. We left with great expectations, from Sunday 8 to 12 January. A long journey, especially for the boat trip, of almost the whole day of the Sunday in the middle of a warm embrace and delirious; Our purpose as professionals and entrepreneurs, was to arrive to the place, and starting on Monday start the day with the students, promoting a meeting space with the educational institutions of the region, its students, managers, children and youth in the cycles Of primary and first years of baccalaureate. A whole adventure: to live it, to know it, to feel it from the experience itself; Accept it, know it closely, an interesting challenge. Listen to them, know what they think, know their expectations and needs closely. Share aspirations and get to dream and project academic possibilities for this region and its inhabitants, with a greater commitment on their part and also of the competent administrative bodies. In the midst of its beautiful and wonderful landscapes, what a great experience, give a little of what we are, what we have achieved, and put it to the service of others. 1000 school kits were delivered, each with its colorful backpack and three notebooks, with modern pencil motifs, cream eraser and pencil sharpener.
We made reality what we set out at the beginning of the year, and we fulfilled it.

Social Management - Performed by Geomarine

Region of Ungí in the Chocó